The ip address is the one of router’s manage address. How to set the wireless router such as d-link? Dlink router setup wizard, in accordance with the wizard to set up, it is very simple.

First of all, you need to know the router’s IP address, login user name and password, which are in the back of the router.
Open the browser, enter your router’s address in the browser address bar, my router’s address is so I will enter, press enter.

Pop input user name and password dialog box, enter your login user name and password (usually in the back of the router)
Enter the router settings panel, Click “Setup Wizard” on the right side of the interface, then click next step. It will check Internet port types automatic. Enter your user name and password, click Finish.After a while, click on the top of the state, you can see that it has been connected to the Internet.

When you see that you are already connected to the Internet, click on the above wireless options, which will appear to set up the interface of the wireless network.
Wireless network ID: the name of your wireless network, such as mine is dlink
Security options: select your wireless password encryption method, recommended encryption method as shown in Figure
Password: enter your wireless network password
The rest will be maintained by default, click apply.
So dlink wireless router setting is ok. the ip address of d-link is You can use a laptop to connect it.