Admin Wireless Settings are simple. is the most commonly used IP address to reach the configuration page of your router. The IP address is part of a class of IP addresses defined private; This term means that the IPS belonging to these classes are used within local and lan are not propagated on the internet.

If you need to reach the configuration page of your router/modem just click on this link or copy/paste this address into the address bar of your browser:

What is an IP address and why is it so important?
An ip address is a numeric code that identifies an entity within the network: may be your laptop, your iPad but also a website. In fact, every site has an ip address that uniquely identifies it in the internet world. When on your PC insert the address of google come two information to your modem; the ip address of someone who has applied for viewing the site (your pc) and the site you want to visit (google).

What are the default username and password?
Most of modems or routers in addition to using the same ip address ( or also have in common the credentials to access several pages of configurations.

Enter at your browser’s address bar, this will show you the router management interface, you need to enter router’s username and password in order to login to router(distinguish the username and password from ADSL username and password), normally these information are marked on the surface of your router, and they are usually ‘admin’.